Guide + FAQ

Please read this guide and register before joining any group orders!

Your order will only be processed if you complete these 2 steps so please don't skip them!



What's a group order (GO)? - A group order is a type of organized buying process to help multiple people buy the same item. One single order for this item will be submitted to the seller and the seller will ship everything to the group order manager's address. The group order manager will then pack the item for each joiner and send it to them individually.

Who's the group order manager for this GO? - My name is Mel and I'm a Chinese-Canadian fan that loves to collect merch! I run this GO in my spare time as a way to help other fans who have trouble buying Chinese merch on their own. Since I speak Chinese and often order merch for myself anyway, I thought I'd help out other fans while I'm at it!

Ever since creating this GO in July 2020, I've managed 400+ group orders and helped hundreds of fans across North America add to their merch collection! I'm pretty serious about my responsibilities towards this GO and try to make the ordering process as reliable and hassle-free for joiners as I can!

What items does this group order offer?

This group order's main focus is official danmei merch and some fanmade merch from Mainland China:

  • MXTX: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (MDZS), Heaven Official's Blessing (TGCF), The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System (SVSSS)

  • C-Dramas: The Untamed (CQL), Word of Honour (SHL), Nirvana in Fire (NIF)

  • Donghua: Link Click, Legend of Exorcism (TBFYL), Thousand Autumns (SHJX)

  • Manhua: 2ha (The Husky and his White Cat Shizun), I Ship My Adversary x Me, Global Examination

  • Games: Genshin Impact

  • C-Entertainment: Gong Jun, Zhang Zhehan, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo

  • Merch made by Chinese fans and artists

  • Other Chinese novels, games and media

Is this group order right for you?

Joining group orders isn't for everyone because there's a lot less flexibility and personalization compared to buying something on your own. However, it could be a good option if any/all of the below apply to you:

  1. I want to buy authentic items but have trouble navigating Chinese webstores

  2. I want to buy specialty or limited edition items that I can't order myself

  3. I'd like someone else to manage all the purchases and communicate with sellers to resolve issues

  4. I'd like someone else to handle all international and domestic shipping processes for me

  5. I can submit orders and send payments by a specified deadline

  6. I can check public resources for answers and updates

  7. I don't mind waiting several months for my orders to arrive

If you prefer to actively manage your own purchases, or want to choose what/when/how items are shipped to you, I suggest hiring your own agent to assist you instead!


Every group order manager does things differently so please make sure you read this part! For this group order, there are three main steps that you'll be responsible for:

  1. Order

  2. First payment (due Saturday 9:00 PM EST)

  3. Second payment (due ASAP)

There's lots of other steps that I'll be managing for you and they're listed below for reference!

Types of group orders

There are 4 types of group orders:

1) Pre-Orders - Newly announced items that sellers plan to produce. Production time can vary from 3-9 months so be prepared to wait. Almost all group orders I host are pre-orders!

2) Ongoing Orders - Physical copies of Chinese novels (to help fans support the original authors of the translations they read), popular items from previous group orders. Will open once every 2-3 months depending on scheduling.

3) Special Orders - Items that are limited time or limited quantity so they're available on a first come, first served basis. Also includes items that have a very short order period ('flash orders')

4) In Stock - Extras and unclaimed items from previous group orders that are currently at my address. Unlike the other 3 types, there's no extended wait period and the items are sent out within 1-2 weeks

All 4 types of group orders are open to any joiner, both new and returning!


  • 'Unique item' means every separate item you add to your Cart when you place an order. For example, a standee may have 2 designs - WWX and LWJ. You're allowed to order 2 WWX versions AND 2 LWJ versions, but you won't be able to order 3 WWX versions.

  • The Special Notifs Twitter is exclusive to joiners who have received at least 1 package from me and have posted feedback. Special Orders and On Hand Orders are first announced on this Twitter account to give priority to these joiners, but anyone can order!


Please note that there is a no cancellation, no refund and no exchange policy for this group order. Joining a GO is different from making a personalized purchase - your orders are linked to other joiners' orders, and any changes to your order will unfairly impact theirs.

As for product quality, please remember that I'm not the seller and have no control over quality or damages sustained during transit. If there's major issues with your items, I'll always do my best to help but please understand that there are still limits to what I can do!


The prices for the first payment represent the cost of the item converted into Canadian dollars, plus a mark-up for overhead costs, which include payment processing fees, foreign exchange fees, agent fees, maintenance costs, packing supplies and time/labour.

Although this group order is a passion project for me, the sheer amount of work involved means that I can't run it alone, and I'd like to be able to provide fair compensation to the people helping me as well.


Payments must be made in Canadian dollars using credit/debit card (processed by Stripe) or E-Transfer.

Worldwide joiners only: If you are from outside of Canada and Stripe is not available in your country, please e-mail me to set up alternate arrangements.


International shipping (i.e. from China to my address)

  • Timeline: 2-4 months (delays caused by weather, customs clearance, logistics etc. are beyond my control)

  • Service: Managed by the shipping agent who handles all export/import procedures

  • Costs: Split between all joiners according to the weight* of their items

Domestic shipping (i.e from my address to yours)

  • Timeline: typically 5-10 business days for Canada/USA joiners, 2-6 weeks for worldwide joiners

  • Service: Default is UPS for addresses within Canada/USA

    • If you have a small/light package or if your address is in a remote area, I sometimes use USPS or Canada Post

    • If you’re located outside of Canada/USA, your package will be shipped using APC or Post NL

  • Costs: Based on the weight* of your individual package and the courier service's prices; the heavier the package and the further away you are from where I'm located, the higher the cost

*All shipping costs are calculated based on the higher of actual weight and volumetric weight. Actual weight is the hard weight of the item when you put it on a scale. Volumetric weight is based on size, so items like cushions and large collector's boxes will have a high volumetric weight.

Please note it's your responsibility to budget for shipping costs. It’s recommended that you save up an amount EQUAL to your first payment to cover the shipping cost in the second payment (e.g. if you transferred $50 for the first payment, please be prepared to transfer another $50 for the second payment).


  • E-mail - This is the primary communication method for this GO - please check your inbox and spam/junk folders regularly!

  • Updates - It's your responsibility to stay up-to-date about your own orders. You an use the links and resources on this site and it's recommended that you also follow on Tumblr or Twitter for updates.

  • Order Status - The status of all group orders can be found on the Status page. The spreadsheet has a lot of information so it's best to use the Personal Order Tracker or Google Sheet's filter tools to extract only the information you need. Please refer to the Status Guide if you need help navigating it.

  • Questions

    • General questions about this GO and its processes: please check the FAQ below

    • General questions about items and group orders: use the Tumblr Askbox and check for answers under the 'shandian go asks' tag on Tumblr

    • Question specific to your own order: please e-mail me directly!


To make this experience as smooth as possible for both you and me, please remember to:

    1. Follow order and payment deadlines

    2. Check your e-mails/spam folder regularly and follow on Tumblr or Twitter for updates

    3. Review the resources on this site

    4. Use the Tumblr Askbox or e-mail me if you need help

    5. Be patient~


Thanks for reading this far! If you’re good with the group order process and are ready to order, please first register using the Registration Form.

After you submit it, you should receive an automated e-mail from Google containing a copy of your form responses. Please keep a copy of this e-mail for reference!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I join your group order if I’m not from Canada or USA?

Yes, worldwide fans are welcome to join. However, please note that all items are shipped from China to my address, and then from my address to the joiner, so be prepared to pay much higher shipping costs.

If you are located in SEA, Eastern Europe or Australia/New Zealand, I highly recommend looking for a local group order or agent instead of joining this GO, as shipping costs can be extremely expensive!

How do I update my contact information and mailing address?

For permanent changes to your contact information and mailing address, please use the Profile Update form.

If your package needs to be delivered to a temporary address, please wait until you receive your second payment confirmation e-mail and then reply to that e-mail to notify me.

What stores do you buy items from?

For official merch I will always buy from official, authorized sellers, unless otherwise stated. For fanmade merch, I also tend to stick to stores with high ratings and those that have sought permission from artists to produce merch using their art.

I've completed over 1,000+ orders on Chinese shopping platforms so rest assured that everything you receive is legitimate!

Can you give me the direct purchase link for [x]?

Sorry but I used to get far too many requests for purchase links and have my hands full running this group order already. There are other resources you can use to find links so please take the time to research them yourself!

What times are you available?

Since I have a full-time office job, I usually only check emails and socials after work (after 6:00 PM EST) or during lunch (around 12:00-12:30 PM EST).

I sent you an e-mail but I still haven't heard back - what do I do?

I get a ton of e-mails everyday so sometimes e-mails can get buried by accident - please just send a follow-up e-mail to remind me!

Why are you not answering my Tumblr/Twitter DM or reply?

I don't check DM's or replies so if you have questions, please always send an e-mail or Ask.

Where can I find feedback from past joiners about this GO?

You're welcome to view the feedback Tumblr site here. If you're on Twitter, you can also check the GO account's 'Likes' section for feedback from joiners on Twitter.


Will you open a group order for [x]?

Please first check the Coming Soon page to see if there's an upcoming group order for your requested item. If your item is not on the Coming Soon page, you can fill out the Request form.

I process requests once a month and if I can host a group order for your requested item, it will be added to the 'Coming Soon' page. Any items that I can't run a GO for will not be posted on 'Coming Soon' and I'd recommend purchasing it elsewhere.

Can you still help me buy [x] if there's no group order for it?

If there's no group order for an item that you really want and would like me to help you manage it, you can send a Personal Order request after becoming a member. Membership details can be found here.

I want to order [x] but the group order deadline has passed. Can you still help me buy it?

I usually don’t re-open group orders so if the deadline has passed, I'd suggest purchasing it elsewhere.

If you are a member, you can use one of your Personal Order requests to join a closed order, but this will depend on store availability and is not guaranteed. See Membership for details and the Membership FAQ for information about Personal Orders.

Can I make changes to my order after I've submitted it?

No, as soon as you finish checking out on the Order site, your order is final.

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

No. Since I’m not a seller or agent, I have no control over the quality of your items or the shipping timelines. I’m just here to help place orders on your behalf and make arrangements to ship the items to you - you assume full responsibility of your items as soon as you send the first payment.

If there's a major issue, you can e-mail me and I'll do my best to help. However, please understand that I can't make any guarantees as some things are beyond my control.

What happens if a seller cancels an order before it's released?

In this situation, everyone that joined the group order will be notified. The amount that joiners paid for the first payment will be available as a credit that can be applied towards future payments (both first and second payments).

I received a credit for a previous order that was cancelled - how do I use it?

If you'd like to use the credit for your first payment, e-mail me and note the Order ID that you'd like your credit to be applied to. If you'd like to use it for your second payment, please reply to the confirmation e-mail.

Please keep in mind that credits are not applied automatically on my end, so please always e-mail me to double check if it's being applied. Please also keep track of your own credits available and do not delete any e-mails from me relating to credits, just in case you need to refer to them later.

Are there any fees included in the prices?

The first payment includes the cost of the item converted to Canadian dollars, plus a 3%-4% mark-up to cover overhead costs, including:

  • Payment processing fees - fees charged by the payment processors every time you make a payment

  • Foreign exchange fees and fluctuations - price differences and fees that get charged when orders are submitted to sellers

  • Chinese shipping fees - additional shipping fees that the seller charges to ship orders to the China address

  • Service fees to agents - a fee is charged for every order that the agent process and every package that the agent consolidates and ships out

  • Duties and taxes - amounts that must be sent to the Canadian government for imports and other taxable transactions

  • Site maintenance - monthly and annual fees to keep the main website and order site running

  • Packing supplies - cardboard boxes, bubble mailers, tape, bubble wrap etc. to pack your orders with

  • Time and labour - It takes 50-130 hours a week to manage this GO and when things get too busy, I sometimes need help from friends/family to handle admin and/or packing

Why does my order status in My Account say 'Awaiting Processing'?

This status is the order platform's default status and will not change. Please refer to the Status page for the status of your orders.


Will I receive confirmation that my transfer to you has gone through?

If you paid by card, your payment status will automatically change to 'Paid' once your payment goes through.

If you paid by E-Transfer, your payment status will show as 'Awaiting Payment' until I have a chance to deposit your transfer and manually update the status. Please give me 3-5 business days to complete this step.

I placed multiple orders in the same week and want to pay by E-Transfer - can I combine the totals into one transfer?

Yes, first payments for different order submissions can be combined, but you're still required to meet the Saturday 9:00 PM EST payment deadline.

How do I pay using E-Transfer?

Before sending any transfers, please e-mail me to request the required info. For E-Transfers, I will provide the password that needs to be set for the transfer. For Wise, I will provide the account number and additional details that needs to be inputted.


Can you tell me how much shipping will be for [x]?

Unfortunately I can't because the shipping cost for every order will vary and won't know the exact number until I know how much the items weigh. Also, the cost depends on the higher of actual and volumetric weight, which is difficult to predict as items come in all shapes and sizes. There are also sometimes factors beyond my control such as foreign exchange rates and duties/taxes that can also impact shipping costs.

How can I budget for my second payment?

My personal rule of thumb is to expect shipping to be about equal to the price of the item so multiply by 2 to get an idea of the final cost of the item. If you are ordering heavy items like books, or large/bulky items like cushions or clothes, you may want to multiply by 3 or even 4 to guesstimate.

Please keep in mind that this method of estimating shipping costs is just a ballpark - shipping costs are based on weight but the cost of the item is not always proportional to its weight. Also, the shipping cost for irregular items are much harder to estimate, so the 1:1 method of estimating is not always reliable.

What’s an international shipping deposit?

For some group orders with very heavy or bulky items, there will be an amount added to your first payment to cover a portion of the international shipping costs. This will always be noted in the item description.

When the items arrive at my address and are ready to be sent to you, the deposit you paid will be applied to your second payment. For example, if you ordered an item that had a $10 deposit in the first payment, and your second payment is calculated to be $30, the amount you'll need to transfer for the second payment is $30 - $10 = $20.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

Items containing liquids and batteries sometimes need to be shipped using an alternate shipping service, which is usually pricier. When an item like this is listed, the description will usually contain a warning if there are shipping restrictions.

My orders have been in transit to Canada for more than 4 months - should I be concerned?

Sometimes packages can take additional time to ship from China to my address because of delays in transit, such as customs delays, weather conditions and pandemic-related issues. Unfortunately, I have no control over the timing of packages once they're in transit but they usually do make it eventually, so you'll just have to be very, very patient!

Can I forward my personal order to your China Address and have it shipped to me?

Unfortunately, there are already too many packages for me to track and manage and I won't be able to help. Please ask an agent for assistance instead!


Where will my package be shipped from?

I ship packages out to joiners from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Canada.

How often will my orders be shipped to me?

I usually receive a round of shipments every 1-2 months and the arrivals will be noted on the Status spreadsheet. If you have orders in every shipment, then you should expect a package every 1-2 months as well.

When will I receive my second payment e-mail?

Once a group order arrives at my address, it will be updated on the Status spreadsheet in the 'Arrived in Canada' section. It normally takes 2-4 weeks for me after that to sort and pack the items, so you can expect an e-mail around then.

How will I know if I've missed a second payment e-mail?

There will always be an announcement posted on Tumblr/Twitter once I've finished packing all the orders in the current round of arrivals. If you ordered something that's showing as 'Arrived in Canada' and haven't heard from me, please e-mail me to follow up after the announcement.

I will also send 1 reminder e-mail if I don't receive the payment or a response to your second payment e-mail. Please always check your e-mails regularly as it's not the best use of my time to chase after joiners to make their payments!

What are the steps I need to follow after I've received my second payment e-mail?

The Forwarding Guide will have more details but here's the TL;DR:

  1. Check the Status page to see what items should be included in the package

  2. Let me know if you need to use a different mailing address or need a credit applied to your total

  3. Transfer the second payment according to the instructions

When do I have to make the second payment by?

Please pay as soon as possible! If I don't get a response from you and you take an unreasonably long time, your order will be cancelled and your items will be put up for claims.

How will I know what items are included in the package being sent to me?

The Status page will have a list of all the items in the current round of arrivals. Your package will almost always contain the items listed as a 'Regular Arrivals'.

Sometimes, a group order is split into different packages and ends up arriving in different shipments. Any group orders that have partially arrived will be noted as 'Early Arrivals' and might be included in your packages. If your package contains a large or heavy 'Early Arrival' item, it'll be specified in your Second Payment e-mail.

If you join a lot of group orders, I suggest using the Personal Order Tracker in the Status Guide to track your orders and it'll tell you what items to expect!

Item [x] that I ordered has arrived at your address - can you hold it until item [y] also arrives?

Unfortunately, I'm unable to accommodate extended holds because my home is not a warehouse and I'm always dealing with space constraints when new shipments arrive. When you receive a second payment e-mail, it means your package needs to be sent ASAP and I won't be holding it.

If you have fewer than 3 small items at my address and have something expected to arrive in the next round of arrivals, I can hold your items until those arrive. If the items you're waiting for are expected to arrive any later than the subsequent round, this hold option is not available.

Please note that if any of your items are large or bulky, I won't be able to hold them - even if you have fewer than 3 items - and will send them to you regardless.

Can I transfer an item to someone else and have it shipped to their address?

Unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to coordinate changes to orders that have already been submitted. You can request that your entire package be sent to a different address, but the package will contain all the items in that round of arrivals.

Will there be a tracking number for my package?

Yes, once your package is shipped out, a separate e-mail will be sent to you with the tracking number and a link to where you can track it.

Why did I receive multiple tracking numbers?

When you have many items, they may be packed into 2 or even 3 boxes. You will receive a tracking number for each individual box that is sent to you.

My package's tracking number status hasn't been updated in more than 3 days - what do I do?

If your package was sent using UPS, USPS or Canada Post, please e-mail me ASAP. If I don't reply straight away and your package was sent using UPS, you can also try calling them yourself (1-800-742-5877).

If your package was sent using APC or Post NL, delays are normal for international packages so please be patient. If there hasn't been an update 2 weeks after you received your tracking number, please e-mail me ASAP so that I can ask the shipping agent for an update.

What happens if the exterior of my package was damaged during the domestic shipping process?

If your package was sent by UPS, please e-mail me photos/videos of the condition of your package and I'll try to file a claim with UPS.

If your package was sent using USPS or Canada Post, there's not much I can do, sorry!

What happens if one of my items is damaged during transit?

There's not much I can do but you can e-mail me anyway. If you're willing to wait and your item is still available in store, I can help you re-order it, but you would be responsible for the cost of the replacement and the shipping costs.

Please always read the notes in the product description to check if the item you're ordering is fragile and decide if you want to take the risk.

What happens if my package is stolen after it's delivered?

Sadly, there's nothing I can do once a package is marked as delivered, even if it's stolen. Please always keep a close eye on the status of your package and have friends/family help keep an eye on it if you're unavailable.

I think I'm missing an item or part of an item - what do I do?

Please submit the CS Form with a link to the full unboxing video and I'll do my best to help.

I'm a worldwide joiner and need help with customs - what do I have to do?

  1. Keep a close eye on the status of your package and check your inbox for any e-mails sent by your country's customs.

  2. If you notice that your package is showing as being stuck at customs but haven't received any e-mails, please contact me ASAP so that I can check in with the shipping agent.

  3. Once you do receive the customs e-mail, please e-mail me with a list of the documentation needed (e.g. invoice, shipping label etc.) and I'll prepare those for you as soon as possible.

Do you provide in-person pick-ups?

If you’re from the GTA, you're welcome to come to Markham to pick up your merch in person. This is dependent on my availability and whether it’s safe to meet. Please give me a heads up after sending your second payment to book a pick-up date/time.

If you're from Mississauga, I occasionally offer pick-up when I'm in the area for work, but my schedule isn't always set so I can't make any guarantees.

If your question about the group order process has not been answered above, please e-mail me!