Feedback Gifts

How it works

  1. Create a post on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with photos of the goodies you received. If you're not sure about the formatting, feel free to browse feedback from other joiners here

  2. Once your feedback post is up, copy the URL for the post.

  3. Select the product listing at the bottom of this page and paste the URL in the first text field.

  4. Next, select your preferred Gift Tier (Tier A if you are submitting 2 feedback URL's or Tier B if you are submitting 1 feedback URL).

  5. Select at least 1 checkbox for your fandom preference.

  6. Choose your shipping preference.

  7. Select 'Add to Cart' and then 'Go to Checkout'. Enter your e-mail address and select Checkout.

  8. You'll receive an automated order confirmation e-mail when your order goes through.

  9. Wait for your gift to be shipped to you!

Please note

Feedback post

  • You can post 1 feedback post for every unique tracking number you receive. For example, if your order contained 2 packages and you received 2 unique tracking numbers, you can post up to 2 feedback posts for that order.

  • Your feedback post must be dated after May 31, 2022.

    • Joiners who posted at least 1 feedback post before May 31, 2022 may use a maximum of one (1) URL link for a post before May 31, 2022 during their first gift claim under this new process

  • Please only use links for new feedback posts each time you claim a gift. Please do not reuse any feedback posts you've used before.

  • Ensure the link to your post is publicly accessible and that the social media username matches your username on your registration form. If your username is different from your registration username, please e-mail after you check out, along with a screenshot of your log-in page on the social media platform.

Gift tiers

Tier A

  • Requires 2 unique feedback posts (please include 2 links in text field)

  • Includes 1 large item (e.g. shikishi board, keychain, badge, plush charm, mini standee etc.) AND 2 small items (e.g. postcard, card, sticker, paper bookmark etc.)

Tier B

  • Requires 1 feedback post

  • Includes 2 small items (e.g. postcard, card, sticker, paper bookmark etc.)

Gifts include bonuses from official merch as well as merch featuring art by Chinese fanartists (with their permission). Almost all merch features the two main characters of the fandom.

Fandom preference

  • Selecting more than 1 fandom will usually mean a shorter wait time as there tends to be more goodies on hand.

  • Smaller fandoms may not have goodies available on a frequent basis so please be prepared to wait if you choose these.

  • The release time for gift items as well as international shipping timelines can vary so please be patient! If it's been more than 3 months since you claimed your gift and you still haven't received it yet, please contact me.

Shipping preference

  • If you have an existing order that you have not yet received from me, please select 'Combine with existing order' to have your gift packed together. There will be no additional shipping costs for this option.

  • If you no longer have any orders but still wish to claim a gift, please select the 'Ship separately' option. The $5.00 CAD fee will cover payment processing fees and the cost of shipping/supplies, and will be sent by letter mail (no tracking number will be provided).